The significance of an engagement ring

Offering a ring as a proposal of union has been a TRADITION for thousands of years. This special ring is your pledge to the world to marry one another – a declaration not only of love but more significantly, COMMITMENT.  In fact, the tradition is centuries old – and more rings are bought to mark an engagement than any other occasion.

Your fiancé will wear it on the third finger of their left hand, until the wedding – after which it is worn on the forth finger above the wedding ring. (Perhaps the big idea is to keep the wedding ring there?)

In the past, the man got down on one knee and said ‘WILL YOU?’ Or the woman chose the ring and he paid for it.

Times have changed – so these days, the girl too can say ‘will you?’ (Especially if it’s a leap year!)

Whoever proposes, at Jewel Africa we’ll HELP YOU CHOOSE the ring of your dreams – that no one can say ‘no’ to.