Where to buy?

There are so many jewellers in malls, advertising their product and services – not to mention the guy who has a ‘friend’ in the jewellery business. It can be daunting to ‘ask’ someone’s hand in marriage. Choosing a jeweller can be difficult too.

At Jewel Africa we believe in RELATIONSHIPS – so with us you get peace of mind.  You’re never a once off!

We also understand VALUE – so you get quality for the right price.

When it comes to an engagement ring, you want complete assurance – and we assure you:

- we are HIGHLY SELECTIVE when we source our stones and our jewellery
- we have brilliant MASTER GOLDSMITHS who are able to create or reproduce the design of your dreams
- we will provide you with the PERFECT PRICE for the perfect choice
- we will give you DIAMOND CLASS SERVICE

In this way, we can GUARANTEE our product – source, design, manufacture and advice.

Our commitment to quality is clear because we have been trusted to stock the FOREVERMARK diamond range from the De Beers Group of Companies.

We also stock SOUTH AFRICAN IDEAL CUT DIAMONDS – which is unique to South Africa.