Choosing A Diamond

When it comes to diamonds even experts can’t easily guess the value of a precious stone.

For example, a big diamond is not always more valuable than a smaller stone – a small but well cut diamond of perfect colour and flawless clarity will be far more valuable and sparkly than a much larger stone with visible impurities and a slight yellow tinge.


The fundamentals that determine the value of a diamond are cut, colour, clarity and carat.

It takes a lifetime of experience to know your diamonds – which is why Jewel Africa have a team of specialists and only sell high quality diamonds.

We have all the experience you need and our professionals will expertly guide you in your decision. All smaller diamonds are graded ‘collection quality’ – which means they are the finest white, brightest and cleanest diamonds you can buy. We only sell diamonds that are perfect to the eye or under 10 x magnification.

Diamonds are sourced directly from the world’s top diamond cutting centres. We deliver the best quality and value by eliminating the middleman. Visit us first, educate and empower yourself, then feel free to compare. We are sure you will return, as we make your celebration a special and memorable occasion.