Diamond Guide

The whiter and clearer the diamond, the better.
No perceptible dark flecks or marks.
Even regular and light reflecting – sparkling.
Symmetry and good polishing.
We are proud of all our stones.

Solitaires or single diamond rings remain popular and resistant to the trends of the day. Thethree stone ring is also in demand, as well as some vintage styles.

However many want a unique setting that reflects their taste and their love, so for that reason we are also able to design and manufacture your ring on site in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. We are passionate about our creativity!

We have a team of experts on hand, who are able to understand and capture the design of your dreams while also ensuring that the stones are secure and the mount technically perfect.

As a final touch to personalise the whole experience, we are able to engrave your initials and date within the band.

Finally as a gesture of our guarantee and our commitment to fine service, we offer a LIFETIME COMPLIMENTARY ULTRA-SONIC CLEANING to ensure that your ring never loses its sparkle.

So feel free to visit us any time.