SA Ideal Cut

This special range of diamonds is precision-cut with utmost delicacy to maximise the brilliance and fire found in a diamond. A diamond cut according to South African Ideal Cut specifications will be more brilliant, and more valuable than an inferior cut stone of the same weight.

Colour and purity

Every single South African Ideal Cut diamond fits within a narrow range of criteria that ensure maximum brilliance, based on a combination of traditional fine craftsmanship, and the latest empirical evidence available.

In 1914 mathematician and diamond cutter, Marcel Tolkowsky, worked out how to cut a diamond so that the light entering it would be reflected inside and then leave only through the top (not through its sides) creating ultimate brilliance. He concluded that the best cut was a round brilliant stone with 58 facets cut at specific angles to each other. Based on this finding, the South African Ideal Cut has been further developed to enhance the diamonds iridescence and fire to as great an extent as possible.