Our beautiful continent of AFRICA has not only been the birthplace of the diamond – it is the only continent where you will find the enigmatic and alluring beauty of a gemstone called Tanzanite.

Even though Tanzanite is estimated to be some 600 MILLION YEARS OLD, it was first discovered in 1967.

This sapphire-blue gem is a variety of the mineral zoisite – a three coloured stone that shows flashes of purple and red, but it’s predominant colour is a deep, royal blue or violet.

This vibrant gemstone is 1000 times more RARE than diamond and displays exquisite hues of VIBRANT BLUE. With a limited supply of gemstones, likely to last just a single generation, Tanzanite has captured the imagination of the world and earned its rightful place next to diamonds as a must-have gemstone.

Mined in a small 5 x 1-mile area in Arusha, Tanzanite is TRICHROIC. This means it has three axis of colour and displays shades of colour when seen from different angles – shades of blue, violet and burgundy are dominant in most stones. It is the vibrant and intense sapphire blue tones however, for which the stone is best known and sought after for.