Choosing Tanzanite

Even though Tanzanite is trichloric and ranges from BLUE to violet and a red/green, it is best selected on true depth of colour.

Unique shape of the stone is also a strong influencer and larger pieces are becoming increasingly RARE.

The world’s largest faceted tanzanite is 737.81 carats and one of the most famous large tanzanites (242 carats) is the “QUEEN OF KILIMANJARO“. It is set in a tiara and accented with 803 brilliant cut tsavorite garnets and 913 brilliant cut diamonds.


The essential colour of the stone. Tanzanite can show a dominance of either blue or violet. The dominant colour last.

Is strenght/intensity of the colour.

The imperfections that may occur in the stone.

LC – Loupe Clean
EC – Eye Clean
LI – Light Included
MI – Moderately Included
HI – Heavily Included

The final polish, symmetry and external characteristics of the stone.

A – Excellent
B – Very Good
C – Good
D – Fair
E – Poor