Tanzanite Care

Your Tanzanite is your delight and will bring you a lifetime of pleasure – and appreciate in value long after the last stones are lifted from the earth.  As Tanzanite is delicate it should be treated gently and with care. Here are some tips.

- Avoid wearing your jewellery during activities that may knock, chip or SCRATCH the Tanzanite.

- To minimise the risk of damage, rings should be worn as OCCASION pieces rather than everyday wear.

- For optimum care, STORE each item of Tanzanite jewellery (even individual earrings) separately in soft material pouches or padded bags.

- The best cleaning method is to SOAK the Tanzanite in room temperature water containing a neutral soap, rinse under room temperature running water and dry using a soft cloth.

- Avoid extreme TEMPERATURE variants when cleaning your stone.

- Tanzanite should be taken to a REPUTABLE JEWELLER to be professionally cleaned, but never in an ultrasonic cleaner.

- AVOID STEAM CLEANING and contact with acids as Tanzanite is easily attacked by hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids.

- Tanzanite is a FRAGILE STONE, so is best set in less exposed pieces of jewellery like pendants or earrings, or in rings and bracelets in a low setting which will protect it.

- At least once a year, take your jewellery to a reputable jeweller to CHECK THE SETTING.

- When making any ALTERATIONS, repairing or resizing, the Tanzanite should first be removed from the setting.